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The First United Methodist Church of Hammonton is located in the center of town. The building features the only steeple in which a real bell is still used to signal the beginning of our traditional worship service. The church has a long history in Hammonton as it was built in 1861. Several historical books that have been published about Hammonton include interesting information and pictures of our church's past.


We hope that this website provides you with all the information and resources you are in search of. We also invite you to join us for Sunday morning worship, and that your visit leads you closer to an understanding of and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As a body of believers, we gather to draw closer to God through prayer, scripture readings, and music. The pastor's weekly sermons are designed to deepen your understanding of scripture and to strengthen your faith. Communion is received the first Sunday of each month, and it is open to all believers of Jesus' sacrifice, death, and resurrection through the cross.


Please contact us if you are interested in worshipping with us, if you are in need of prayer, or if there is any thing else we could do to help you grow in you christian walk with God.

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